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Using Remixer

Have you seen Dreamhost's new Remixer? It's included in the Shared Unlimited plan.   As soon as I logged into Remixer it took me to this page. I'm going to scroll down to the Capture template because it looks "churchy." After selecting a theme it takes me to a nice...

The Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

Often times when first starting out it is difficult to tell the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. WordPress.com vs WordPress.org One main difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is who is hosting your website. With WordPress.org, YOU host...

NDI App Review

NDI is one of the fastest growing, most innovative technologies in the broadcast industry. NDI is becoming the new standard in broadcast productions and if you have not started using it in your church you are missing out! Read More Articles About NDI Uses For The App...

Using Web Captioner With vMix

In a previous post, we talked about Web Captioner basics and gave a short description of what Web Captioner is and how to use it. You can read that post here.   So a lot of our readers have begun to look into Web Captioner since our last post and many users have been...

Introduction To Web Captioner

What is Web Captioner? How can it help me? All this and more in this post entitled Introduction To Web Captioner!   Backstory According to the creator of Web Captioner "In early 2017, a deaf person started attending weekly services at my church in northern Illinois in...

How To Add Facebook Chat To Your Website

  First of all, we will be using Divi ran on Wordpress and we will be using Dreamhost ($25 Off When You Purchase With This Link) to host our site.   Step 1: Get Code From Facebook Log into Facebook and go to your page. Then click Settings in the top right, Messenger...

ProPresenter Nursery Number Setup

Does your church have a nursery or children's department? If so you would no doubt benefit from being able to "notify" parents as needed without someone having to text or call the ProP operator. ProPresenter has an awesome built-in feature that allows messages to be...

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Of New Churches Fail

Churches Close A Year


Of Churches Are Not Growing

Those stats are scary

Often times churches put marketing and tech on the back burner and expect it to autopilot. That’s not the case at all. I would go as far as to speculate that the majority of churches using social media and a website do not actively update them or keep them stocked with good content. That’s a problem. How can you expect results without putting forth the effort? In today’s world digital marketing is where the results are. Gone are the days that billboards, door hangers, tracts, and bulletins dominated the church’s marketing arsenal. Let’s learn how to fix this problem.

Let’s Do Something About It!

You don’t have to be a mega church to reach the world for Christ. Churches big and small now more than ever can take advantage of easy and often free ways to reach others and grow their congregation.  Studies show that 90 percent of churches that are highly involved (a.k.a. active on social, engaging with the congregation, etc) are actively growing. Engaging your community is the ultimate key to church growth! Source


The four areas that need to be improved





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